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Out of Stock

hand sanitizer shortage possible

We are out of stock on some products. Here’s why. Dear customers. It seems that this virus in China has caused some curious problems with our supply chain. Each month for the last 3 years we have brought in a 20 foot container of our various hand sanitizer products for your promotional needs. Prior to […]

Chinese New Years 2020

chinese new years 2020 hand sanitizer promo

Each year the Chinese New Years disrupts business and lives like no other holiday on the planet. Imagine Christmas, Hannukah, Ramadan and Thanksgiving all rolled into  one 3 week long bender and you get CNY. Factory Closures January 13th- Feb 3 2020 We deal direct with factories in China to produce and deliver or alcohol-based […]

Does hand sanitizer kill the flu?


Does hand sanitizer kill the flu? This is our most asked about question except for how fast can I get my product! So in that spirit we have found a great article which will answer your questions. Of course we are a little biased. When the flu virus is trapped in wet mucus, it can […]

The busy season

october is hand sanitizer month

It’s October, the busy season is here. In our business we are either sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or dealing with large institutional buyers who are buying bulk orders of hand sanitizer products. Ever seen a metric ton of hand sanitizer? I have. However, every October the phone starts to ring and […]

Heat wave


The August 2019 Heat Wave Hand Sanitizer Report. The hand sanitizer business is definitely seasonal. We are somewhat busy with shipments being ordered for the fall and winter deliveries but generally speaking we try and avoid the heat as much as possible. This August is no exception, 95 in the shade. So a little playing […]