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Hand sanitizer crisis

hand sanitizer crisis video

We all understand there is a Hand Sanitizer Supply Crisis. This video may help explain why and what to expect. This video was supplied to us by our sourcing agent. It helps explain to our clients the great supply and demand crisis we are all facing when it comes to hand sanitizer. Our phones have […]

Hand Sanitizer Video


Our factory sourcing agent explains the current crisis in Hand Sanitizer delivery and prices. We received this really informative video from our overseas agent explaining in detail why the current product crisis exists and what to expect. Email me at Sam or call me at 1-888-908-6932 to go over these details and more.

Corona virus at work

chinese new years 2020 hand sanitizer promo

Important information to consider when going back to work. March 24, 2020: Watching the news today it appears that President Trump is clearly thinking of ordering everyone back to work as of Easter Sunday April 12. His concern is about the economy taking a hit that cannot be overcome. As a business owner I understand […]

Air cargo corona virus

diagram explaining air traffic durind corona virus pandemic

Air Cargo Disruption To Affect Delivery Of Our Hand Sanitizer Factory Direct Shipments. As of a day ago we received some updates from our freight company in China who has informed us that due to the cancellation of all inbound passenger flights from China, where our factory is located, that the amount of cargo space […]

Hand sanitizer products out of stock


Dear customers and new clients. We have seen unprecedented sales on all of our alcohol-based hand sanitizer products. These levels of sales have basically reduced our domestic inventory to zero. We have seen this trend starting to take place a month ago and coupled with the longer than usual Chinese factory closures due to their […]

Out of Stock

hand sanitizer shortage possible

We are out of stock on some products. Here’s why. Dear customers. It seems that this virus in China has caused some curious problems with our supply chain. Each month for the last 3 years we have brought in a 20 foot container of our various hand sanitizer products for your promotional needs. Prior to […]