By now, all the world understands the severity of the Covid-19 situation. Countries closing down, businesses shuttered.

Given the nature of our business we are staying open and in fact extending our hours to accommodate our many corporate and institutional clients. We are now working remotely. E-mail Us For Info or Call-1-888-908-6932.

How we feel about Covid-19.

We strongly feel, that as a country, we all need to join together and fight Covid-19. Intensive hand washing and alcohol-based hand sanitizer are our first line of defensive weapons in the war against the Corona Virus.

All of our shipments are now coming in by air or ocean direct from the factory to you. Read why even this is a problem.

For the past 10 years, aside from the factory direct institutional orders we process we have also kept a domestic supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizer products in stock for our corporate and emergency customers.

During the months of February and into the first weeks of March 2020 we saw an unprecedented run on all of our products. As virtually all alcohol-based hand sanitzer products come from China we have had to make alternate arrangements to best service all of our loyal and new customers.

Factory Sourcing Agent Explains The Supply Problem. YouTube Video.

We work with a sourcing agent who coordinates all of our incoming goods. They have been in the business for nearly 25 years and we have worked with them for over 10. They sent us this video which we have reposted.

Minimum orders are up, prices are climbing, but we are taking less.

At this time we are no longer able to provide our corporate or institutional clients with smaller orders. Those previous domestic stocks that allowed us to do that are now depleted. Our anticipated date for return to normal stock levels is now early July.

However, we are still able to supply both logo’d and blank goods shipped direct by air from our source factory in Shanghai.

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Current production is 7 days plus the shipment time.

Shipping by air is now only available on the 2 and 1 ounce bottles. All other larger sizes must be freighted by ocean.

Air shipping takes 12 days while ocean is 40 days, plus the 7 days production time. E-mail Us For Info

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Less choice, for now. See available products.

We have also had to reduce our offering to our 3 best sellers. We are ramping up production to meet demand we will be adding back new styles. This will take a few months. Please be patient.

Call Sam at 1-888-908-6932 or email Sam.

March 5, 2020 (updated March 28)

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schools need hand sanitizer
schools need hand sanitizer