first responders


The unsung and forgotten hero’s of the Corona Virus pandemic is America’s first responders.

One of our largest customer base is America’s first responders. We consider them a part of our extended family.

Firefighters, police, healthcare workers and emergency response specialists are on the frontline of America’s latest and most deadly war, the war against the Corona Virus.

These unsung hero’s are directly in the line of fire. They are working long shifts, exposed to the virus as our hospitals and emergency facilities are starting to be overwhelmed. Show them you respect the work they have done.

America’s First Responders are cleaning up the mess. Let’s not disrespect the amazing work they are doing.

I can speak from experience, my sister is an emergency room nurse. Right now, at this very moment she is pulling a 12 hour shift. The waiting room is overflowing, the examination rooms are full and there are people in the halls and nooks and cranny’s awaiting her and her co-workers to help them with this pandemic.

The first responders are cleaning up the mess, let’s not disrespect them by not doing our part to keep it clean.

Keep it clean. The new normal.

Welcome to the new normal. Once this is brought under control and hopefully we can find a vaccine let’s start to do our part and keep it clean.

What You and Your Business Can Do.

The only way to stop this from spreading and the only way that all of us can do our part is to keep our businesses, employees and customers clean. They will thank you for it.

Hand Sanitizer is America’s Best Weapon Against Covid-19!

It’s really simple. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of all germs and kills 100% of the Corona Virus. If you really want to show our first responders that you honor the hard work and sacrifice they are making on the Corona Virus frontline, keep it clean with hand sanitizer.

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