Corona virus at work

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Important information to consider when going back to work.

March 24, 2020: Watching the news today it appears that President Trump is clearly thinking of ordering everyone back to work as of Easter Sunday April 12.

His concern is about the economy taking a hit that cannot be overcome. As a business owner I understand that. We want to return to work as well.

But, we do have some concerns. The concerns are what we saw take place in China where our factory is. Every business was shut tightly down for about 10 weeks as the entire country was shuttered and tested. Even with this very totalitarian approach it has taken almost 3 months for the country of China to flatten the curve, reduce the risk and save lives. We also know from our partners in China that they practiced social distancing plus wore masks to achieve this. We are not even close to that here in our country.

What to expect if everyone goes back to work too soon.

We are expecting an enormous uptick in demand for masks and hand sanitizer as businesses, institutional buyers, restaurants etc get their doors open while the virus is still crisscrossing the country. We expect that our customers will be looking to make sure their clients and employees are safe and clean.

Stay tuned.