Hand sanitizer products out of stock


Dear customers and new clients.

We have seen unprecedented sales on all of our alcohol-based hand sanitizer products. These levels of sales have basically reduced our domestic inventory to zero.

We have seen this trend starting to take place a month ago and coupled with the longer than usual Chinese factory closures due to their Corona Virus outbreak we have decided to make some important changes to our delivery program.

Effective Immediately: All hand sanitizer products will be either airshipped or shipped via ocean freight direct to you.

We currently have some shipments on the water but our hospital and institutional clients are taking precedence for these shipments which are expected at the end of February and into early March.

To our corporate customers, America’s big, small and mid-sized businesses who look to us for their hand sanitizer promotional products, we are going to make a drastic but needed change to how and what we deliver.

To keep up with demand and keep prices in line is tough, but doable.

Until further notice we are having to forgo all orders for our previous domestic supply and instead concentrate solely on factory direct airshipments to our USA and Canadian business clients.

Minimum orders will now have to be 1000 units. The reason for this is simple. The cost of airfreight on alcohol-based hand sanitizers is considered dangerous goods. This means that the insurance fees and freight fees we pay are very expensive when compared to the relatively low costs of ocean freight.

Simply put, smaller orders will be too expensive and we do not want to do that.

For those customers with orders in progress, if you have an order confirmation from us, those orders in progress, no matter the size of the order, will be honored at the original price.

As of today, all new orders or inquiries in progress will need to meet the new minimum requirements and prices. We have also had to reduce the current product offering down to our 3 best sellers. We will keep you updated.

Yes, we are popping bubble wrap. Nerves.